I provide the following services on a freelance/consultant basis. Please e-mail cameronbbruns@gmail.com for more information.

Editorial Content

As a blogger and professional writer, I create content of all types. In the past, I've authored many Boston city guides, interviews, event reviews, restaurant reviews, best of, green living, environmental health, climate change,  conscious consumerism, natural beauty, ethical/sustainable fashion, product and service reviews, and more.  I regularly contribute to CBS Best of Boston and have provided content to a variety blogs and media outlets regarding sustainable business, products, and Boston lifestyle.

Sustainability Consulting

Starting a new business or designing a new product and want to know how to make it better for the environment than its competitors? I am happy to review your proposed business plan, visit your offices, critique your design, or set up best practices of sustainability throughout your supply chain. E-mail me with your idea and lets reduce your carbon footprint and make your business safer, greener, and cleaner for all! 

Social Media

I can grow your company/blog/personal presence on twitter, instagram, facebook, pinterest, and help you gain editorial interest. I have built the consumer-facing social platforms for multiple businesses and nonprofits and would love to help build your brand's unique voice in the seemingly confusing world of digital media. 


Events can be a hassle to organize, publicize, and run. Should you need help with your mission-oriented, Boston-based event, I can help with all of the above. I will get your invites in front of the right audience, cover the event live on multiple social media platforms, and also love to speak or moderate panels discussions.